Changing Default Currency Units Without Rescaling

When you change the default currency units in Summary Information, data in the file is automatically rescaled. If you enter data in Strategic Finance with the wrong default currency units, and you would like to change the currency units without rescaling the data, you can use the ASCII file import/export feature.

For example, suppose you entered Sales as $3,000 with a default currency unit of absolute (meaning $3,000) but intended to enter Sales as $3 million, with a default currency unit of thousands. If you change the default currency units to thousands, Strategic Finance rescales the data to read $3 in thousands of dollars. To circumvent automatic rescaling, so that Sales reads as “$3,000 in thousands of dollars” ($3 million), use the file as the source and the destination files.

  To change default currency units without rescaling all data:

  1. Export the data to an ASCII file by account number.

  2. In the Strategic Finance file, from the File menu, choose Summary Information and change the default currency units.

  3. Import the ASCII file back into the same Strategic Finance file.