Description: Returns a list of entities for the database currently open in the HSF Gateway. If an entity is specified, the list will contain only ancestors of that entity.

Prerequisites: CreateSession(), OpenServer() and OpenDatabase().


  • Visual Basic

    Public Function EnumEntities( _ 
       ByVal sessionID As String,  _ 
       ByVal entity As String,  _ 
       ByVal action As String _ 
    ) As String()
  • C#

    public string[] EnumEntities(
       string sessionID, 
       string entity, 
       string action
  • C++

     array<String>^ EnumEntities(
       String sessionID, 
       String entity, 
       String action
    ) sealed 
  • JScript

    public  function EnumEntities(
       sessionID : String, 
       entity : String, 
       action : String
    ) : String[]


Table 9. EnumEntities Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
sessionIDstringA session identifier
entitystringAn entity nameAn empty string (“”) indicates starting at the root.
actionstringUse one of the following:
  • <blank> (default) or all

    Enumerates all entities

  • children

    Enumerates down to the children

  • descendents

    Enumerates down to descendents


A list of entities in the open database


See IncomeStatement.aspx.