Description: Creates a new entity. It can be placed in a structure by optionally including root and parent entity names. The there is a flag to retain data from within the source entity in the new entity.

Prerequisites: CreateSession(), OpenServer() and OpenDatabase().


  • Visual Basic

    Public Function CreateSession( _ 
       ByVal sessionID As String,  _ 
       ByVal userName As String,  _ 
       ByVal password As String,  _ 
       ByVal token As String _ 
    ) As String
  • C#

    public string CreateSession(
       string sessionID, 
       string userName, 
       string password, 
       string token
  • C++

     String CreateSession(
       String sessionID, 
       String userName, 
       String password, 
       String token
    ) sealed 
  • JScript

    public  function CreateSession(
       sessionID : String, 
       userName : String, 
       password : String, 
       token : String
    ) : String


Table 15. CreateSession Parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
sessionIDstringA session identifier
newEntitystring A name for the new entity
baseEntitystring A source entity from which to copy the new entity
rootEntitystring The root entity of the tree
parentEntitystring The entity under which to create the new entity
keepDatabool Indicates whether or not to copy the data from the baseEntity