Financial Management Roles

Additional Shared Services roles are required for Performance Management Architect and Calculation Manager. See Foundation Services Roles.

Table 21. Financial Management Roles

Role Description
Power Roles
Application Administrator Performs all Financial Management tasks. Access to this role overrides any other access setting for the user.
Load System Loads rules and member lists
Inter-Company Transaction Admin Opens and closes periods, locks and unlocks entities, and manages reason codes. Users with the role can also perform all intercompany tasks.
Interactive Roles
Rules Administrator Performs any Calculation Manager tasks for the specific application
Rules Designer Creates new rules objects and modifies or deletes rules objects
Approve Journals Approves or rejects journals
Create Journals Creates, modifies, deletes, submits, and unsubmits journals
Create Unbalanced Journals Creates unbalanced journals
Default Opens and closes applications; manages documents and favorites; manages Smart View; and accesses running tasks, data tasks, and load and extract tasks. Cannot extract metadata or rules. Cannot create folders.
Journals Administrator Performs all tasks related to journals
Post Journals Posts and unposts journals
Manage Templates Grants access to the journals templates for managing journals
Generate Recurring Grants access to the generate recurring task for managing journals
Review Supervisor Starts process management units and approves and publishes process management data. Can promote or reject process units, depending on process level. Assigns process management groups to phases.
Reviewer 1 through Reviewer 10 Views and edits a block of data when that data is at the user’s designated process management level
Submitter Submits a block of data for final approval
Lock Data Locks data in Data Explorer
Unlock Data Unlocks data in Data Explorer
Consolidate All Runs consolidate all
Consolidate Runs consolidate
Consolidate All with Data Runs consolidate with all data
Run Allocation Runs allocations
Run EquityPickUp Performs equity pickup tasks and calculates equity pickup adjustments
Manage Data Entry Forms Manages data entry forms on the web
Manage Models Not used in this release
Save System Report On Server Saves system reports on server
Load Excel Data Loads data from Smart View
Inter-Company Transaction User Creates, edits, deletes, loads, and extracts transactions. Runs matching report by account or ID, runs transaction report, and drills through from modules.
Inter-Company Transaction Match Template Manages intercompany matching templates
Inter-Company Transaction Auto Match by Account Automatically matches intercompany transactions by account
Inter-Company Transaction Auto Match by ID Automatically matches intercompany transactions by ID
Inter-Company Transaction Manual Match with Tolerance Manually matches intercompany transactions with tolerance check
Inter-Company Transaction Manual Match Manually matches intercompany transactions
Inter-Company Transaction Unmatch Unmatches intercompany transactions
Inter-Company Transaction Post/Unpost Posts and unposts intercompany transactions
Enable write back in Web Grid Enters and saves data directly to a Web Grid
Database Management Copies and clears data and deletes invalid records
Manage Ownership Enters and edits ownership information
Manage Custom Documents Loads and extracts custom documents to and from the server
Extended Analytics Exports data to a database
Data Form Write Back from Excel Submits data from Smart View while using a Web Data Entry Form
View Roles
Advanced User Uses the Browser View and can access Running Tasks. Creates folders.
Rules Viewer Views rules objects
Read Journals Reads journals
Receive Email Alerts for Process Control Receives e-mails
Receive Email Alerts for Intercompany Receives e-mails
Reserved Not currently used
View Data Audit Views and exports data audit information
View Task Audit Views and exports task audit information
Dashboard Viewer Accesses Financial Management Analytics dashboards