Generating Audit Reports

Three audit reports—Security Reports, Artifact Reports, and Config Report—can be generated. The Security Report displays audit information related to the security tasks for which auditing is configured. Artifact Report presents information on the artifacts that were imported or exported using Lifecycle Management.

Functional Administrators can generate and view audit reports to track historical changes to the security data.


Auditing must be configured before you can generate audit reports. See Auditing Security Activities and Lifecycle Management Artifacts.

  To generate audit reports:

  1. Access Shared Services Console as a Functional Administrator.

  2. Select Administration, and then Audit Reports.

  3. Select an option:

    • Security Reports to generate Security Audit report

    • Artifact Reports to generate a report on the artifacts that were migrated using Lifecycle Management

    • Config Reports to generate security audit report on the configuration tasks that were performed


    These reports are automatically generated to show the data for users for the last 30 days.

  4. To regenerate the report, select parameters:

    1. In Performed By, select the users for which the report is to be generated.

    2. In Performed During, select the period for which the report is to be generated. You can set the period as number of days or as a date range.

    3. Optional: Select Detailed View to group the report data based on the attribute that was modified and the new attribute value.

    4. Optional: In Per Page, select the number of rows of data to display in a report page.

    5. Click View Report.

  5. To create a CSV file containing the report data, click Export.

    1. Select Save as CSV.

    2. Click OK.

    3. Click Open to open the file or Save to save the file to the file system. By default, the Security Report file is named auditsecurityreport.csv, the Artifact Report is named AuditArtifactReport.csv, and the Config Report is named AuditConfigReport.csv.

  6. Click Close.