Introducing Analytics Link

About Analytics Link

Oracle Essbase Analytics Link for Hyperion Financial Management provides near-real-time data synchronization between Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, and Oracle Essbase, enabling Essbase users to view live Financial Management data without having to create and manage extraction and load tasks. Analytics Link off-loads the Financial Management application server by managing all reporting requests, freeing resources for financial consolidations.

Business Intelligence Challenges with Financial Management

Financial Management data must be shared, but, as a proprietary data store, it is not easily available to other reporting tools. Essbase provides a higher level of reporting and analytics for Financial Management, including the ability to modify dimensions and add data. Analytics Link enables users to use Essbase analytical features with live Financial Management data. Users can access the data with any reporting tool that can access Essbase.

Existing Financial Management and Business Intelligence Integration

The existing integration between Financial Management and Essbase is a manual process that, while allowing maximum flexibility, might add significant effort to the implementation, because it focuses on batch processes involving data extraction, loading, and calculations.

A high-level look at the current integration process of Financial Management and Essbase:

  1. Extract data from Financial Management.

  2. Build an Essbase outline.

  3. Load Essbase.

  4. When Financial Management data changes, repeat steps 1 through 3.

Increasingly, businesses require an on-demand approach to data integration rather than this batch approach.

Analytics Link Key Features

Analytics Link offers seamless integration among Financial Management, Essbase, and other applications. The key advantages of Analytics Link:

  • Delivers continuous operations for Financial Management by eliminating previously required downtime.

  • Reduces IT costs by eliminating high implementation costs and the deployment of additional servers.

  • Improves efficiencies through improved performance and scalability of real-time data synchronization.

  • Reduces risk by ensuring data integrity and reliability between source and target systems.

  • Improves business insight through real-time Business Intelligence reporting based on current financial information.

  • Reduces barriers to sharing data by offering standard Business Intelligence access to application proprietary data.

About this Guide

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Documentation Roadmap

Table 1 lists essential Analytics Link tasks.

Table 1. Documentation Roadmap


Create the Analytics Link Servers node by enabling Analytics Link Administration Services Console plug-in in Administration Services Console.

Oracle Essbase Analytics Link for Hyperion Financial Management Installation Guide

Familiarize yourself with Analytics Link components and the flow of data from Financial Management to Analytics Link.

Understanding Data Synchronization from Financial Management to Analytics Link

Determine the region of the Financial Management application data that you want to work with in Analytics Link and the type of target database that you want Analytics Link to create.

Planning the Bridge Implementation

Add components to the Analytics Link Servers node and define a bridge:

  • Analytics Link Server

  • Financial Management server, application, and data region

  • Essbase Server, application, and database

  • Data Synchronization Server

  • Data Store

  • Bridge

Adding Components to an Analytics Link Server

Create the Data Synchronization Server database for the bridge.

Creating the Data Synchronization Server Database and Synchronizing Data

Set the properties for the bridge target database.

Setting Target Database Properties

Design the grid for the bridge target database.

Designing the Target Database Grid

Create an Essbase target database.

Creating an Essbase Bridge Target

Customize the Essbase outline.

Customizing Essbase Outlines

Extract data to an Essbase replicated partition database.

Extracting Financial Management Data to an Essbase Replicated Partition Database Target

Extract data to an RDBMS database.

Extracting Financial Management Data and Metadata to an RDBMS Bridge Target

Manage bridge operations.

Managing Analytics Link Bridges