In addition to the properties described in the table, Currency dimension members use most of the common properties described in Properties Applicable to All Planning Dimensions, such as:

  • Valid for Plan

  • Two Pass Calculation

  • UDA

  • Member Formula

  • Alias

  • Data Storage

  • Smart List

  • Data Type

  • Attribute Values

  • Apply Security

You can plan, forecast, and analyze financial information in multiple currencies. You can set:

  • Which currencies are used by applications for reporting

  • How currencies display in reports and data forms

  • How currencies are translated into other currencies

  • Whether a third currency is used (triangulation currency)

  • When currency conversions occur

For information on managing exchange rates, currency conversion, and exchange rate tables, see the Oracle Hyperion Planning Administrator's Guide.

Property Label


Property Name

Thousands Separator

  • None: 1000

  • Comma: 1,000

  • Dot: 1.000

  • Space: 1 000

  • Currency Setting: Setting for the currency

Default Value: Comma


Decimal Separator

  • Dot: 1.00

  • Comma: 1,00

  • Currency Setting: Setting for the currency

Default Value: Dot


Negative Sign

  • Prefixed Minus: -1000

  • Suffixed Minus: 1000-

  • Parentheses: (1000)

  • Currency Setting: Setting for the currency

Default Value: Prefixed Minus


Negative Color

  • Black: Negative numbers in black

  • Red: Negative numbers in red

  • Currency Setting: Setting for the currency

Default Value: Red



Scaling determines the display of values in whole numbers, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, and so on. Set how to enter and display the currency. For example, 3 yen represents 3000 yen if scaling is set to Thousands.

  • Whole

  • Tens

  • Hundreds

  • Thousands

  • TThousands

  • HThousands

  • Millions

  • TMillions

  • HMillions

  • Billions

Default Value: Whole


Currency Code

Market-established abbreviation for the currency name, or custom currency code that you create.

Default Value: N/A



Market-established currency symbol for the currency name, for example, $ for US Dollars.

Default Value: N/A


Triangulation Currency

Interim currency for currency conversion. If you modify a triangulation currency, you must re-enter exchange rates for the triangulation currency property and refresh the application to transfer and store the exchange rates. You cannot select the default currency as a triangulation currency.

When you define the value for this property at the parent level, all descendants automatically inherit the value. If the value is overridden for a descendant member of the original parent, its own descendants inherit the new value.

Default Value: N/A


Reporting Currency

Currency used to prepare financial statements. Converted reporting currency values are stored and read-only for all users.

Default Value: N/A