Year dimension members use most of the common properties described in Properties Applicable to All Planning Dimensions, such as:

  • Valid for Plan

  • UDA

  • Member Formula

  • Alias

  • Data Storage

  • Smart List

  • Data Type

  • Attribute Values

Use the Year dimension to add years to the calendar. Year dimension names must start with FY, followed by a two-digit year, such as FY08. Fiscal Start Year is based on the first Year member in the Year dimension structure. You cannot modify the Fiscal Start Year of an application after it is deployed. However, you can add years on to the end of the initial year range identified.

The first year member in the Year dimension and Fiscal Start Year property must describe the same year. For example, if the Fiscal Start Year is 2008, the first year in the Year dimension must be FY08. If there is a discrepancy between the years, such as 2008 and FY07, an error displays and the application cannot be deployed.

You can add, change, or assign aliases to years. You cannot reduce the number of calendar years unless you create a new database.Performance Management Architect adds No Year as a system member, as the first member in the Year dimension. In Performance Management Architect, No Year is saved as the first member in the Year dimension, but it is saved as the last year in the Planning repository.