Adding Company Logos

You can add a logo to the dashboards.

  To add a logo to dashboards:

  1. Post the .jpg file of the logo to fmap:images/ on the Oracle BI Presentation Server. The .jpg is the standard format for the graphic file.


    When running in a secured environment, only resources that are located on the Oracle BI Presentation Server may be used. These resources are referenced using a relative path prefixed with “fmap”.

  2. On the Oracle BI EE Home screen, select Dashboards, then OFMA, and then the dashboard.

  3. Select the report on which you want to add the logo, and then click Edit.

  4. Select Results.

  5. In the Compound Layout pane, in the Title pane, click  Edit View icon .

  6. Beside Logo, enter the path to the location of the logo from step 1, in the following format:fmap:images/company_logo_name.jpg

  7. Click Done.

  8. Click  Save button.