Running the Diagnostic Utility

  To run the Diagnostic Utility:

  1. Navigate to <OMFA Installation Directory>/OFMAHome_1/ofma, click diagnostics.bat file.

  2. Optional: If you are running the Diagnostic Utility after running the OFMA Configuration Utility then, you need to provide the repository password in the command prompt.

    After running the diagnostic utility batch file, folder is created that contains the all the system configuration files, and OFMA artifacts: OFMA.xml, NQSConfig.ini, OPMN.xml, Catalog Zipped Folder, Repository (rpd) file, OFMA.log file, and EPM Registry report ( registry.html).

The OFMA_Diagnostic.html report is generated in the following path: <OMFA Home Directory>\DiagnosticUtility. This report is generated outside the folder. This report provides you an overall status of the OFMA installation and configuration details and also provides you the OBIEE environmental details.

There are two section within the OFMA Diagnostic report:

  • Environmental Details

  • Configuration Details