Performance Tuning

Every instance of Oracle Financial Management Analytics is composed of applications, hardware, software, databases, customizations, and so on. With such diversity in installations, changes to the current configuration, such as new hardware or software, may result in changes in performance.

After installing a new release or patch, or after making substantial changes in your environment, some tuning of components is probably required.

Performance tuning is an iterative process. To maximize performance, maintain, tune, and monitor components in your installation on an ongoing basis.

It is difficult to supply definitive tuning solutions that will work in every situation. For example, different versions or patches may exhibit slightly different behavior that must be managed. Depending on your environment, the interplay between components may yield different results. Customization of this product or others that share the same environment may affect results.

This appendix is designed for information purposes only, to suggest some areas for examination, and to direct you to information sources that may help you to fine-tune your installation.


Before experimenting with tuning, settings, and so on, back up your databases and models.