Setting Caches for a Clustered Environment

In a clustered environment, you can configure Oracle BI Servers to access a shared cache called the global cache. The global cache resides on a shared file system storage device and stores purging events, seeding events (often generated by Agents), and result sets associated with seeding events.

Each Oracle BI Server still maintains its own local query cache for regular queries.

  To set the BI Server cache in a clustered environment:

  1. Go to: http://<server name>:7001/em

    to open Enterprise Manager.

  2. In the left pane of Enterprise Manager, select Business Intelligence, and then coreapplication.

  3. In the right pane, click the Capacity Management tab, and then the Performance tab to display the Performance options.

    On the Performance tab, select the settings for a single BI server.
  4. Under Global Cache, enter the following information for the cache.

    The cache is enabled by default. To disable the cache, clear the checkbox.

    • In Global cache path, enter the path to the physical location for storing purging and seeding cache entries shared across the cluster. The location that you enter must reside on a shared file system that is accessible by all nodes in the cluster.

    • In Global cache size, specify the maximum size of the global cache (for example, 700 MB). When this limit has been reached, potential new entries are not cached.

  5. Click Apply.

  6. At the top of the screen, click Restart to Apply Recent Changes.

    As a courtesy, ensure that the restart will not affect other users. When the server is rebooted, the new caching requirements are applied.