General FAQs

The following table answers general FAQs.

Table 7. Tips and Troubleshooting Information

 General FAQs
QuestionIn OFMA Dashboard, I got the following error message: Exceeded configured maximum number of allowed output prompts, sections, rows, or columns. What could be wrong?

Navigate to instanceconfig.xml file to add or modify the predefined values. After modifying the predefined values you need to restart OPMN services. See Configuring for Displaying and Processing Data in Views section in the Oracle Fusion Middleware System Administrator's Guide for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g Release

You can view the data and metadata in the dashboard, based on the values in the instanceconfig.xml. The predefined values are stored in the instanceconfig.xml file. For example, you can view the xml tags:



This configuration setting is managed by Oracle Enterprise Manager Fusion Middleware Control. If you exceed the limitation, then this error may be returned: Exceeded configured maximum number of allowed output prompts, sections, rows, or columns.

QuestionIn the environment, when Close Manager and Account Reconciliation Manager are configured on different databases, I get errors on ARM dashboard. What could be wrong?
AnswerClose Manager and Account Reconciliation Manager should be configured to the same database.
QuestionI installed Oracle Database and Oracle BI EE on the same machine. When running the OFMA configuration utility, I get errors on the FCM Dashboard. What could be wrong?
AnswerAs a workaround, update the tnsnames.ora file that points to the TNS_ADMIN environment variable. Copy the section of OFMA_FCM from tnsnames.ora at the following location:OBIEE_HOME/network/admin/tnsnames.ora path to tnsnames.ora in the TNS_ADMIN environment variable.
QuestionI get errors during OFMA Installation. What could be wrong?
AnswerThe OFMA installer checks for Oracle BI EE version on the target machines. If the system requirements are not met, the installation generates an error and cannot be completed. See: Software Prerequisites.
QuestionSome metadata is not reflected in the dashboard. What could be wrong?
  • You may need to delete cache using Cache Manager or Enterprise Manager.

  • Dashboards often do not reflect changes to metadata; this typically happens when re-configuring using the Configuration Utility.

QuestionIn Financial Management dashboard, if reports or graphs are not coming on Non-English locale, what could be wrong?

After completing the OFMA configuration using Configuration Utility, perform these steps.

> To change the External Name in Oracle Financial Management Analytics RPD:
  • Using the Oracle BI EE Admin tool open the FinanacilaManagementAnalytics.rpd present in the OFMA installed directory.

  • In Physical layer of the repository file, expand the HFM node, and then double-click the HFM Application.

  • In the General tab, under External Name enter the HFM App Name in English instead of localized name, and then click OK to save the repository.

  • Using Configuration Utility, upload the RPD to BI Server.

QuestionIf the OFMA icons are not visible in the dashboard?

To view the OFMA Icons in the dashboard, perform these task:

  • From OFMA Home location, you must copy the image files to these locations:

    • BI Fixed Location : OBIEE HOME\bifoundation\web\app\res\s_blafp\images

    • BI Temp Location : The temporary OBIEE location may vary based on the system configuration.

      To find BI Temp Location search for report_account_appl.jpg in OBIEE Middleware Home. For example, path of BI Temp Location : OBIEE Middleware Home\user_projects\domains\bifoundation_domain\servers\bi_server1\tmp\_WL_user\analytics_11.1.1\7dezjl\war\res\s_blafp\images

  • Restart the BI domain.