Changing Report Titles

You can change the name of a report or other hardcoded strings to reflect the requirements of your organization.

You must apply these changes to each report title that you want to modify.

  To modify report names:

  1. On the Oracle BI EE Home screen, select Dashboards, then OFMA, and then the dashboard.

  2. Select the report, and then click Edit.

  3. Select Results.

  4. In the Compound Layout pane, in the Title pane, click  Edit View icon .

  5. Beside Title, click  Title icon.

    Enter the text for the report title. You can also select the font size and color, cell alignment, background color, and border style and position.
  6. Under Caption, enter the text that you want to display as the report title.

  7. Click Done.

  8. Click  Save button.