Performing a Complete Installation

A complete installation of Oracle Financial Management Analytics installs the following components automatically:

  • Configuration Utility

  • Catalog—The FinancialManagementAnalytics folder, which contains Reports and Dashboards


    The catalog folder cannot be used until configuration is complete.


It is recommended to run the Diagnostic Utility, after installing the OFMA product. See Running the Diagnostic Utility

  To perform a complete installation of Oracle Financial Management Analytics:

  1. Ensure that all system and software prerequisites are available. See:

  2. Ensure that you have installed Oracle BI EE.

    See Supported Components.

  3. Download the OFMA installer files from Oracle Software Delivery Cloud Web page (

  4. Based on your Operating System, whether you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit version, select an option:

    • Windows: Run setup.exe in: OFMA Installer Unzipped Location/Disk1/install.

    • Linux: Open a terminal and change the directory to OFMA Installer Unzipped Location/Disk1/install, and then run bash

      If the Permission Denied error is returned, see Providing Permission to Install Folder.


    For the default installation path, see Default Installation Path.

  5. On the Welcome screen of the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI), click Next.

  6. On the Specify Home Details screen, enter the details for the new installation:

    • Under Name, enter the name of the installation. By default, it is set as Ora_OFMAx. x represents the number of previous installations of OFMA+1.

    • Under Path, enter the path, or browse to where to install Oracle Financial Management Analytics.

      • Default path for Windows: C:/OFMAHome_1

      • Default path for Linux: /home/user id/OFMAHome_1

  7. Click Next.

  8. In Summary, review the selected installation options.

    If changes are required, click Back to return to make changes.

  9. Click Install.

  10. In End of Installation, click Exit.

  11. Click Yes in the Exit dialog box to finish the installation.

  12. Configure the application, as outlined in Configuring Oracle Financial Management Analytics