Configuring the Mail Server

You can configure email alerts from Oracle Business Intelligence.

  To configure the mail server:

  1. Enter the URL in the Web browser: http://server name:port number/em to open Enterprise Manager.

  2. In the left pane of Enterprise Manager, select Business Intelligence, and then the instance name; for example, coreapplication.

  3. In the right pane, select Deployment, and then Mail to display the Mail Server setting options.

    • In SMTP, enter the host name of the SMTP Server that distributes email.

    • In Port, enter the port number of the SMTP; for example, 25 port

    • In Display name of sender, enter the name the senders; for example, OFMA Alert

    • In Email address of sender, enter the Email ID of the senders; for example,

    • In Username, enter the user name

    • In Password, enter the password

    • In Confirm password, re-enter the password

    • In Number of retries upon failure, enter the value that specifies the number of attempt sending an Email; for example, The default value is 1

    • In Maximum recipients, enter the value that specifies the maximum number of recipients in the list ; for example, The default value is Zero

    • Select any one option for Addressing method: Either To or Blind Copy Recipient (BCC)

  4. Click Apply.