Creating Dimension Member Lists

Dimension lists are used in Oracle Financial Management Analytics Dashboards or Reports.

  To select the Dimension Member Lists:

  1. In Dimension Member Lists, click add a row to dimension list.

  2. In Add Member List:

    1. From Dimension drop-down list, select a dimension. For example, you can select one of these options: Accounts, Entity, and Custom Dimensions.

    2. Enter a List Name.

    3. Optional: Select an HFM Members List to view dimension members in Available Members.


      By default, Hierarchy is selected, but you can select Descendants or Parents to view the dimension members in Available Members.

    4. Optional: Select Description to view detailed descriptions of dimension members.

    5. Select Dimension members to be displayed on the dashboards, and click arrow buttons to move the desired dimension members from Available Members to Selected Members, and then click Save and Close.

    Adding the Dimension Member List dialog box is displayed.

    You cannot edit the existing List Name. You can modify the existing dimension members in the list. You can delete the Dimension Members List. Select the dimension list that you want to delete, and then click To delete a list. If the Dimension Member list is being used byOracle Financial Management Analytics Dashboard or Reports, then you cannot delete it.

    You can create unlimited Dimension Member Lists for Accounts, Entities, and Custom Dimensions. You can reuse these user-defined Dimension Member Lists to configure reports and dashboards.

    For example, you can refer to the following image, the user defined Dimension Member Lists are created for Balance_Sheet_Account, Income_Statement_Account, OFMA_Entity_1, OFMA_Entity_2, and so on.

    The List Name should be unique.

    The HFM Dimension Member List dialog box is displayed.
  3. Click Next.