Selecting the Entity List for Alerts

This option enables you to select the Entity List for Alerts.

  To select the Entity List, perform these steps:

  1. Select a Entity List from the drop-down, and then click Browse Icon to view the members within the Entity List.


    If you have created number of Entity List in the Business Model screen, then all the configured Entity List are displayed in the drop-down.

  2. On Select Entity List dialog box, perform these steps:

    1. By default the Dimension is selected to Entity.

    2. Select the required Member List that you want to view in the Regions.

    3. Optional: Select the Show Description option to view the detail description of the Entity Member.

  3. After viewing the Member List, click Save and Close.

    The Entity List screen is displayed.


    As a returning user, you can change the existing Entity List.