Running Silent Installations

Silent installations automate the installation process so you can install Oracle Financial Management Analytics without going through the UI. You run a silent installation from the command line, using the installation options saved in the response file. The response file is in: OFMA INSTALLER location/Disk1/stage/Response/oracle.epm.ofma_Complete.rsp


A response file is a specification file containing information through the Oracle Universal Installer UI. Each answer is stored as a value for a variable identified in the response file.


In oracle.epm.ofma_Complete.rsp, you must provide the location of Oracle Home, Oracle Home Name, and REMOVE_HOMES keep only the product components that you want to install.

  To run the silent installation:

  1. Copy the response file and the OFMA installation files to the installation location.

  2. Windows: Open the command prompt and change the directory to OFMA Installer. Find setup.exe, and then run: setup –responseFile response file path -silent

  3. Linux: Open a new terminal and change the directory to OFMA Installer. Find file, and then run: ./ -responseFile response file path -silent


    If you attempt to perform a silent installation on a Linux machine where no Oracle products have been installed, an error message is returned. See Troubleshooting Tips for OFMA Installation on Linux

    The installation runs in the background, and Oracle Financial Management Analytics is installed with default settings.