Uninstalling Oracle Financial Management Analytics

  To uninstall Oracle Financial Management Analytics:

  1. Back up the catalog and repository file for the application that is being uninstalled.

    When uninstalling, the catalog and repository files are deleted, except for those that were changed since the last installation.

  2. Perform the following steps:

    • Windows: From the main menu, select Start, then All Programs, then Oracle Financial Management Analytics, and then Uninstaller.

    • Linux: Run bash runInstaller.shfrom: OFMA INSTALLED location/OFMAHome_1/oui/bin

    The Inventory dialog box is displayed.

    View the Oracle products that are installed.
  3. In the Inventory dialog box, on the Contents tab, select the Oracle Financial Management Analytics installation directory (for example, Ora_OFMA1), and then click Remove.

  4. On the Confirmation screen, verify that the correct product and dependent components are selected to be uninstalled, and then click Yes.

    Verify the components selected for removal, and then click Yes.

    Oracle Financial Management Analytics is uninstalled.