Ad Hoc Options

The ad hoc grid options enable you to control, at a global level, how ad hoc actions are performed or how the ad hoc grids are displayed. Ad hoc grid options are not persisted as a property of the ad hoc grid itself.

Table 1. Ad Hoc Options

Member inclusion
  • Include selection (default): Displays the selected member with the members retrieved after the zoom operation. The parent member from where the zoom operation is invoked is retained during Zoom In operations. For example, drilling on Q1 results in Q1, Jan, Feb, Mar being kept. If this option is not selected, Q1 is excluded.

  • Within selected group: Performs Zoom In and Zoom Out operations and Keep Only and Remove Only operations only on the selected parent group in an asymmetric grouping of rows or columns. Members in other groups remain the same as they were before the zoom was performed.

  • Member name (default): Displays the member name

  • Member name and alias: Displays the member name and alias with a colon, just as in forms

  • Alias: Displays the alias

  • Alias Table: Select an alias table from the drop-down list.

Zoom in levels
  • Next level (default): Displays the next level

  • All levels: Displays all levels

  • Bottom level: Displays the bottom level members only (if the Include selection option is enabled, it includes the member from which the zoom action was invoked)

  • None: Indents none of the members

  • Subitem (default): Indents all subitems and totals one level down

  • Totals: Indents the totals only

Ancestor Position
  • Top: Displays the parent members at the top of the dimension hierarchy during Zoom In operations that are inclusive

  • Bottom (default): Displays the parent members at the bottom of the dimension hierarchy during Zoom In operations that are inclusive

Navigate without refreshing dataYes: You can perform ad hoc actions without refreshing data

No: Data is refreshed as you perform ad hoc actions (the default)

Suppress options

See Suppress Options.

Precision options

See Precision Options.

Replacement options

See Replacement Options.


The option settings that Ad Hoc Grid Creators select for an ad hoc grid become defaults when other users open the grid. Users can then change the settings for the current session only.