Working With Task Lists and Tasks

  To view your task lists:

  1. Open an application and perform a task:

    • Select View, then Task List, and then Task List.

    • Select My Task List.

  2. In Task List Status, review the status of your tasks lists.

    The status of your tasks is displayed. To show a task list, select it under My Task List.

    You can display the status as a Pie Chart or a Project Gantt Chart. To select how to display the task status, select the desired option from the View drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.

    • Pie Chart—Shows the percentage of tasks that are complete, incomplete, or overdue. Click sections to display details about a specific task status.

    • Project Gantt Chart—You can customize Project Gantt Chart with these options:

      • View:

        • List Pane—Select which columns to display, and how to expand or collapse the task list information.

        • Go to Date

        • Time Scale—Select the time scale to display on the Major Axis and Minor Axis. For example, years, half years, quarters, half quarters, months, weeks, days, or hours.

      • Filter—Select All Tasks to view the status of outstanding tasks.

      • Zoom In/Zoom Out—Show more or less detail in the data that is displayed.

      • Zoom To—Zoom to a specific time frame.

  3. Review information about each task. You can view this task information:

    • Type—The type of task such as Web pages, forms, job console, approvals, business rules, or descriptions.

    • Status:

      • Complete status indicator icon—The task is complete. If a task has dependent tasks, these tasks must be completed before Complete status indicator icon is displayed for primary tasks.

      • Incomplete status indicator icon—The task is incomplete.

      • Overdue status indicator icon—The task is overdue.

    • Due Date

      Due dates are set when you create a task list. See “Managing Task Lists” in Oracle Hyperion Planning Administrator's Guide.

    • Completed Date—The date the task was completed.

    • Instructions—Click Instructions icon to access information about how to complete tasks.

    • Action—Click Tasklist Wizard icon to launch the Tasklist Wizard where you can enter detailed information about task.

      In the Task Wizard, you can navigate using the options that are appropriate for the selected task list or task. For example, depending on the task list, task, and status, you can select: Next, Previous, Next Incomplete, or Previous Incomplete. See Completing Tasks.