Working with Comments

See also About Cell Comments.

  To add, view, or delete comments:

  1. In the form, click a cell or select a range of contiguous cells.

    A small square in the cell's upper-right corner indicates that it contains comments. Hovering over the red square displays the cell's intersecting members and whether the cell(s) contains comments (or drill-through data or document attachments).

  2. Right-click, and then select Comments.

    The top of the Comments dialog box displays the POV and the cell member intersection. The selected cells are displayed in the drop-down list. If you selected a range, from the drop-down list, select one cell. Or, to apply the comment to the range of cells from Step 1, select the Apply to all selected cells check box.

  3. To add a comment:

    1. Expand the Insert Comments pane by clicking expand icon to the left of the Insert Comments heading.

    2. Enter your comment.

      By default, you can enter up to 1,500 characters. If you selected a cell range, you can enter comments for each cell. To begin a new line of text within a cell comment, press Shift+Enter.

    3. Click Add.

      You may need to scroll down to see the Add button.

  4. To edit a comment:

    1. Expand the Existing Comments pane.

    2. Select the comment to edit.

    3. Expand the Insert Comments pane.

    4. Add to or edit the comment text, and then click Add.

      In the comment table, you now see the modified comment with your name and a new date stamp.

  5. To delete one of your comments, select the row from the table, and then click Delete.