About Planning

Oracle Hyperion Planning is a budgeting and planning solution that drives collaborative and event-based operational planning processes throughout your organization for a wide range of financial and operational needs. Users can enter, analyze, and report on data, manage the planning process, and personalize data entry forms.

Planning is a comprehensive approach for the complete and closed-loop planning process that drives continuous business improvement. All decision makers and front-line managers can communicate which course of action to take and get budget holders to collaborate so that the planning process is optimized and efficient. When a material event occurs that causes a change in direction, planners can adapt rapidly, ensuring that plans are relevant and useful.

Planning benefits:

  • Facilitates collaboration, communication, and control across multidivisional global enterprises

  • Provides a framework for perpetual planning, with attention to managing volatility and frequent planning cycles

  • Provides ease of use and deployment through the web or Oracle Smart View for Office

  • Decreases the total cost of ownership through a shorter roll out and implementation phase, and easier applications maintenance

  • Enhances decision-making with reporting, analysis, and planning

  • Promotes modeling by including complex business rules and allocations

  • Integrates with Smart View so you can design worksheets in Microsoft Excel to enter, format, analyze, and report on data in a Planning application. Using ad hoc grids—focused data slices—in Smart View, you can also perform ad hoc analysis.

  • Enables you to enter and analyze data using Offline Planning when you are disconnected from the Internet—for example, on airplanes or in hotel rooms—and later save the data back to the Planning server. (The administrator must enable this feature for the application.)

  • Integrates with other systems to load data