Completing Tasks

How you complete tasks depends on their task type. For example, a task can require you to enter data, launch a business rule, copy versions, or view job status. Tasks can also display read-only information, such as reminders or instructions.

After completing task requirements, mark the task as complete. If a task has dependent tasks, you must complete those tasks before completing the primary task.

  To complete a task:

  1. Select a task, as described in Working With Task Lists and Tasks.

  2. Complete the task activity.

    For example, you can view a Web page, enter data, complete an Approvals task, launch a business rule, read a description, or complete other activities. See the appropriate section of this guide, such as Entering Data, Managing Planning Units, Checking Job Status, Copying Versions, or About Launching Business Rules.

  3. Complete associated dependent tasks.

    Click Expand icon to view subordinate tasks, also called child tasks.

  4. After completing the activities for the task, select Complete.

    If the check box is not selectable, you must complete dependent tasks before completing the task.

    After you select Complete, the task is marked as complete and Complete status indicator icon is displayed next to the task in the view pane.