Expanding Forms and the Data Entry Area

You can expand forms and the data entry area—including the view pane—in several ways.

  To expand forms and the data entry area:

  1. Open a form.

  2. Take an action:

    • Expand: Double-click the thick black line between the row heading and the data cells. The row heading expands to accommodate the row heading.

    • Resize: Click the view pane's right border, and then drag to resize it.

    • Expand or collapse the view pane: Select View, then the View pane, click the Toggle View pane button in the toolbar, or drag the view pane to resize it.

    • Click Hide Hide icon or Show Show icon the view pane.

    • Click Maximize or Restore Maximize Content Pane icon in the screen's upper-right corner.

    • View the form: Use the scroll bars.