Setting Column Width

Administrators can set column width using settings on the Layout tab for forms. Column width settings apply to each form page:

  • Small: Displays columns 50 pixels wide, enough for approximately 7 decimal places.

  • Medium: Displays columns 75 pixels wide, enough for approximately 10 decimal places.

  • Large: Displays columns 100 pixels wide, enough for approximately 13 decimal places.

  • Size-to-Fit: Automatically sizes the column width to fit the widest content in a heading or data cell.

  • Custom: You can enter a pixel width value of up to 999.

  • Default: The column width is defined at the grid level.

If you select a row height shorter than the height of the row contents, the excess data is hidden until the column is widened. While the data is hidden, it is stored and calculated in the same way as displayed data.

You can adjust column width while viewing a form, regardless of the column width setting in the form properties. To save the adjusted column width for the remainder of your session, save or refresh the form.

When you print from the data entry page, the columns print at the width defined in preferences.

In forms, you can perform the tasks in the following table:



Resize column width

Drag the column heading to the desired width.

Reset column width to the default setting

Right-click a column heading, and then select Reset All to Default.