Adjusting Row Height

You can specify row height on the Layout tab for form properties. Row height settings apply to each form page:

  • Size-to-Fit: Row headings fit in the displayed space

  • Custom: Select a custom size in pixels for the row height

  • Medium: Rows are displayed at a medium height.

  • Default: Row height is defined at the grid level

If a row height is selected that is less than the height of the row contents, the excess data is hidden until the row is adjusted. While the data is hidden, it is stored and calculated in the same way as displayed data.

You can drag row headings to adjust row height while viewing a form, regardless of the row height setting in the form properties. After you adjust the row, you can add a line of text to the row. To save the adjusted row height for the remainder of your session, save or refresh the form.

When you print from the data entry page, the rows print at the height defined in preferences.