About Smart View Formatting in Planning Forms

Depending on administrative settings (described in the Oracle Hyperion Planning Administrator's Guide), a Planning form may display the cell formatting that you saved in Smart View.

For information on saving and applying cell formatting in Smart View, see the Oracle Smart View for Office User's Guide.

The following tables summarize which Microsoft Excel formatting is supported in Smart View and Planning.

FontsSmart ViewPlanning
Font familyYesYes
Font sizeYesYes
UnderlineOnly Single and ContinuousNo
Text colorRed, Green, and BlueRed, Green, and Blue
Background colorPlain, Solid, and Red, Green, and BluePlain, Red, Green, and Blue
Alignment Smart ViewPlanning
VerticalTop, Center, and BottomNo
HorizontalLeft, Center, and RightNo
IndentOnly Left Indent and five levels of indentNo
Word wrapYesNo
Borders FormattingSmart ViewPlanning
Border colorYes, can be set differently for each cell's four borders, and Red, Green, and BlueYes
Border widthYes, in pointsYes
Border styleNone, Solid, Double, Dotted, Dash, Dash-Dot, Dash-Dot-DotNone, Solid
Number and DatesSmart ViewPlanning
Number formatDecimal places, negative and positive suffixes, prefixes, and color, eight colors, Percentage, Scientific format, presence of thousands separatorNo
Date formatLong and short dates, Hour, Minutes, Seconds, AM and PMNo
OtherSmart ViewPlanning
Column width and row heightYes, in pointsNo