Using Ad Hoc Grids

With ad hoc grids, you can create and personalize focused data slices that you frequently access or that others can use. To use ad hoc grids, you must have the appropriate access permissions and Ad Hoc User role, you can open ad hoc grids and dynamically change the data slice. If you have the Ad Hoc Grid Creator role, you can save the ad hoc grid for your own or others' use (see Ad Hoc Roles). Ad hoc grids can be created and accessed in a similar ways from Planning and Smart View.

At their onset, ad hoc grids reflect the root dimensional layout of the form from which they are created. However, users are not confined by the form definition and can completely change the data intersection and layout of ad hoc grids (assuming that they have access to the members).


  • Quickly review profit margins in your regions by customizing a grid to look the way you want it to look

  • Open an ad hoc grid that someone else created and change its definition: its members, which axis they display on, and so on

Ad hoc actions can also be performed from the root dimensions of the selected plan type, both from the top menu or by right-clicking in forms. This flexibility enables you to start at the plan type's root level and then navigate to any location. Starting from a form enables you to start from the form's boundaries and navigate beyond or within its boundaries.


  • Access permissions to ad hoc grids and their dimension members are honored, so you can view only grids and members to which they are granted Read or Write access.

  • If the form from which the ad hoc grid is launched has row or column groupings, the members are assumed in the ad hoc grid, but the groupings themselves are not.

See Performing Ad Hoc Actions.