Entering Data with Shortcut Menus

Your administrator can set up forms that include shortcut menus. With shortcut menus, you right-click a member and select a menu item to open features such as URLs, forms, Approvals, Job Console, Copy Version, or business rules. For example, a menu item might open another form to get more information about the data, go to another scenario and version in the planning unit, launch a calculation, or open other features.

  To enter data with shortcut menus:

  1. Open a form containing a shortcut menu.

  2. Right-click a row or column member, the page axis or point of view, and then select a menu option from the list.

    The values in the list depend on how your administrator sets up this feature. If the menu includes submenus, you can select a value from the submenu.

    Depending on the action that was performed by the menu item, you can continue your work in the feature that opens, such as a web page, form, Approvals, Job Console, or Copy Version. If a business rule was launched that includes a runtime prompt, enter the required information.

    For information on working with the feature, see the appropriate section of this guide, such as Copying Versions, Checking Job Status, or Entering Runtime Prompts.