Dynamically Setting User Variables

If the administrator defined a form with at least one user variable and enabled dynamic user variables, you can dynamically select and change user variable values directly in the form. For example, for a variable called Department, you can select Sales members to plan sales expenses and then select Marketing members to plan marketing expenses. You can also set values for user variables in user preferences (see Setting Preferences for User Variables).

If the form was defined with the Use Context option, user variables can be used in the POV. With this setting, the value of the user variable changes dynamically based on the context of the form.


You must select a value for user variables before working in the form.

  To dynamically change values for user variables in forms:

  1. Open a form containing a user variable and for which dynamic user variables are enabled.

  2. Click the text that displays the user variable.

    The variable and its currently selected value are displayed under the POV. If the form was defined with the Use Context option, the variable is displayed above the form.

  3. Using the arrow buttons, select or move members.

  4. Click Submit.

    The form displays the selected members.