Selecting Members Using Pages

If the administrator sets up multiple page axes, you can select from among pages to select the data with which to work. The form designer can create up to 18 page drop-down lists.

Use the page axis to work with different views (pages) of selected member combinations that can span dimensions. The members defined on the rows, columns, and POV axes are constant (except when they have dynamic user variables). You see only the members to which you are assigned access.

With some forms, you can also select a user variable to determine which data is displayed. See Dynamically Setting User Variables.

  To work with other page members:

  1. Open a form containing multiple page axes.

  2. From the Page drop-down list, select a page.

    Search icon indicates that you can perform a search. See Enabling Search with a Large Number of Pages.

  3. Click Go.


    In Preferences, select Display Options, and then select Remember Selected Page Members. Planning remembers the last page or POV member selection, so the information is available when you return to the current form.