Viewing and Resolving Data Validation Errors

For forms that include data validation, your administrator can include data validation messages that are displayed when you hover over a cell, and can specify colors that display in cells when data validation errors occur. For example, a tooltip can instruct you to enter data that meets certain criteria or data that fits within a specific range.

If forms contain data validation errors, a Data Validation Messages pane displays on the right side of the form. For detailed information on how rules are set up and processed, see Oracle Hyperion Planning Administrator's Guide.

  To view and resolve data validation errors:

  1. In a form with errors, click Data Validation Messages icon.

  2. In the Data Validation Messages pane, view any informational messages and error messages provided.

    For composite forms, select a form from the drop-down list.

    Error messages are displayed with a bracketed number showing the number of errors, and hyperlinked numbers that go to the cells with errors. For example, if an error message displays Number 5 in brackets, there are five errors related to this issue, and the following hyperlinks Hyperlinked numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 go to the errors.

  3. For each error, click the hyperlink to go to the cell to be corrected.

    If the administrator provided a data validation message, you can hover the mouse over cells to view information to assist with resolving the error.

  4. Update the form to resolve the errors, and then save the form.

    After an error is resolved, it is no longer displayed in the Data Validation Messages pane. When all errors are resolved, the Data Validation Messages pane is not displayed in the form.