Copying and Pasting Data Between Microsoft Excel and Planning Forms

  To copy and paste data from Microsoft Excel to Planning forms:

  1. In Microsoft Excel, highlight the data in a single cell or a range of cells and press Ctrl+C to copy the data onto the clipboard.

  2. Highlight and select the target cell or cells in the Planning form, and press Ctrl+V.

  3. When the Clipboard helper displays, press Ctrl+V again. The data is pasted to the Clipboard helper.

  4. Click Paste to paste the data into the Planning form.


Data that is copied and pasted from Microsoft Excel to Planning reflects the formatting that is set up in Microsoft Excel. For example, if the number of decimal places in Microsoft Excel is set to zero, when you enter the value 459.123 in Microsoft Excel, the value is displayed as 459. If you copy this value into a Planning form, the value 459 is pasted.