Using Account Annotations and Custom Links

If your administrator has enabled this feature, you can add annotations to accounts. Annotations can be plain text, or can include custom links to, for example, a project website, a spreadsheet, or PDF file on a server.

  To add or view account annotations:

  1. In a form, select View, and then either View Account Annotations or Edit Account Annotations.

  2. In account rows, in the column to the right of account member names, enter a comment or URL of up to 1,500 characters.

    You can include custom links to these file types on a server or FTP site: TXT, DOC, XLS (Microsoft Office Suite), and PDF. For example, to create a link to a spreadsheet on a shared server, you might enter: file://C:/BudgetDocs/Timeline.xls where C represents the server drive.

  3. When you are finished, click View Account Annotation.

To view account comments or to access associated custom links on the page, read the comments or click the URL to the right of the account member's name. If you click a URL, your web browser displays the source information in a new window.