Subtotaling Values

How values are subtotaled and totalled in forms:

  • Member subtotals are calculated based on factors set by your administrator, such as the hierarchies and logic of the outline, and member properties.

  • To recalculate subtotals on the page, click Save. If the Calculate Form calculation script is selected to launch during Save, all subtotals in the form are recalculated based on their members’ aggregation properties and the form’s design and layout.

  • Saving data automatically calculates members that are set to dynamically calculate, excluding level-0 members. The form does not require a calculation script to calculate these members.

  • Calculations are based on the stored (not the displayed) values. Displayed values might be based on scaling or precision settings.

  • Only displayed members are calculated. If you have read but not write access to some members, subtotals correctly include their values even if they are read-only.

    See also Adjusting Cell Values and How Spreading Data Works.