Exporting Data to Microsoft Excel

By exporting data from the form to Microsoft Excel, you can explore “what-if” scenarios in Excel before copying and pasting values back to Planning. It also gives you an alternative to PDF printing.

About exporting data:

  • Planning does not export to Excel: Numerical formatting, the application name, user, form folder, attributes, currency tags, or percentages.

  • Member names are indented based on their level in the hierarchy. They are also indented if you print the form to a PDF file.

  • Supporting detail is printed.

  • Aliases are displayed on the rows, columns, page, and POV if they are present for a member, if your Service Administrator or administrator selected the Display Alias option.

  • Values pasted back to Planning from Excel must be non-formatted data.

  To export data from forms to Microsoft Excel:

  1. Open a form.

  2. Select Tools, and then Export as Spreadsheet.

  3. Depending on how you want to export the data, take an action:

    • Select Save, and then save the file.

    • Select Open, and then work with the data in the browser instance of Microsoft Excel that displays.

      Use standard Excel procedures to make and save your changes.