About Launching Business Rules

You can use business rules to calculate data. Some business rules prompt you to enter information, called a runtime prompt. After you enter required information and launch a business rule, the data is updated.

Your administrator can set up forms to automatically launch business rules when you open or save forms. You can also launch business rules from several contexts.

  To launch a business rule:

  1. Depending on where you are working:

    • When a form is open, its associated business rules are listed in the left bottom pane. Double-click any business rule.

    • With a form open, from the top menu, select Tools, and then Business Rules. Select the business rules to launch, and then click Launch.

    • If menus are set up in a form, right-click a row or column member in the form, and then select a business rule from the shortcut menu. See Entering Data with Shortcut Menus.

    • From a task list, see Working with Task Lists.

    • Outside of forms, from the menu, select Tools, and then Business Rules.

      See Launching Business Rules.

  2. If the business rule includes runtime prompts, enter the required information, launch the business rule, and then click Close (see Entering Runtime Prompts).

    If the calculation is successful, the values in the database reflect the calculation results.

  3. Click Refresh to see the updated values in the form.