Locking Cells

When spreading or manipulating data, you can temporarily lock cells while Planning calculates and fills in other values. You can visually review the changes before saving them. See Examples of Spreading Data with Cell Locking.

  To temporarily lock values:

  1. Select the cells to lock.

  2. Select Edit, and then Lock/Unlock Cells or enter Ctrl+K.

    A tan background indicates that a cell is locked. If you lock multiple cells, some of which are already locked, all the unlocked cells become locked.

    You can now spread or manipulate the other data. (See Spreading Data for Time Periods and How Spreading Data Works.)

  3. To unlock cells, select Edit, and then Lock/Unlock Cells or enter Ctrl+K.

    Entering Ctrl+K or selecting Lock/Unlock Cells unlocks all cells in a group only if they are all locked (or were read-only for another reason). When you save the data, locked cells become unlocked.