Synchronizing Supporting Detail with Essbase

When you delete supporting detail, you can specify how to handle the value for the supporting detail total that is stored in Essbase. You can set the value in Essbase to #MISSING or leave it as it was before the supporting detail was deleted—in effect, using supporting detail as a scratch pad or calculator.

  To synchronize supporting detail with Essbase:

  1. Click in the cell with supporting detail.

  2. Select Edit, and then Supporting Detail.

  3. In Supporting Detail, delete the information, and then click Save.

  4. In the displayed message, specify how Essbase handles the changes:

    • To delete the supporting detail in Essbase, click Yes, set the value(s) to #MISSING.

    • To leave the data in Essbase as it was before you deleted the supporting detail, click No, leave the value(s) as is.