Working with Multiple Currencies

You can plan and analyze your financial information in one currency or in multiple currencies, if certain conditions are met.

If multiple currencies are enabled, cells show the currency code. You can:

  • Enter data in local currencies

  • View or report on data in reporting currencies

In forms where the Allow multiple currencies per entity option is enabled, no currency codes are displayed for parent entities, even if they have single- or multiple-currency children.

When you run a currency conversion calculation script, all currencies on the page are converted. For example, you can select local, USD, and EUR currency members on the page axis and enter data in the local currency. The currency conversion calculation script dynamically calculates the entered data for all currencies selected for that page. In this example, the script converts local currency to USD and to EUR.

Currency conversion converts all levels except the Time Period dimension, where it converts only level-0 time periods and then aggregates the summary displayed time periods.