Changing the Currency for a Data Cell

If an administrator has enabled the functionality, you can enter data into cells in a currency other than the base currency of the cells. Currencies listed in the Available Currencies list can be used for input as a local currency.


To override the base currency for an entity, the cell must be displayed in the local currency, and its version must be bottom-up.

  To enter data in a local currency other than the cell's base currency:

  1. In a form, select a local currency member for the cell.

  2. Optional: To look up the currency's code, select View, and then Currency.

    Available Currencies shows the application's currencies. Note the Currency Code for the currency that you want to work with, and close the window. If you cannot select View, then Currency, multiple currencies are not enabled for this application or form.

  3. In the right part of a data cell, enter the Currency Code for the cell's currency.

    Doing this overrides the entity's base currency. The left part of the cell is for the value itself.

  4. Enter or view the data in the left part of the cell.

  5. Select File, and then Save to calculate and save the value.

    If the Calculate Currencies calculation script is set to run when the form is saved, and the form is enabled for multiple currencies, the data value is displayed in the currency you selected.