Setting Up Email

When email is set up and notification is enabled, Planning notifies users when they become the planning unit's owner or are named as a user to notify for a specific budget action.

  To set up and enable email notification for yourself:

  1. Select File, and then Preferences.

  2. Click the Planning icon, and then select Application Settings.

  3. In Email Address, enter your email address.

  4. From Task List Notification and Approvals Options, select Yes or No.

  5. From Job Console Notification, select Yes if you want to be notified by email when a job that you launch (for example, a business rule) is completed or generates an error.

  6. Click OK.

    You now receive email notifications when you become a planning unit's owner or a user to notify. Subject line format: NEW OWNER: Abc Plan (Scenario, Version, Entity).

  7. Repeat these steps for each application for which you want email notification enabled.