Setting Approvals Options

For Approvals tasks, you can specify a reviewer to replace a reviewer who is out of the office. You can also set these display options:

  • Members’ names (which may be cryptic) or their aliases

  • Planning units that are not started with those that are started

  To set Approvals options

  1. Select Preferences in the left frame, or select File, and then Preferences.

  2. Click the Planning icon, and then select Application Settings.

  3. Under Approvals Options, select Yes to set these display preferences:

    • Show Planning Units As Aliases: Displays members’ aliases instead of their names on Approvals pages

    • Show Planning Units That Are Not Started: Displays planning units that are started and not started. (This option affects only the flat list view.)

  4. Optional: Click the link for the Out of Office Assistant to set up an alternate budget reviewer while the current reviewer is out of the office, or to reset reviewer responsibilities when the reviewer returns. See Selecting an Alternate Reviewer.

  5. Click OK.