Changing Numbers Formatting

On the User Preferences page, you can change the numbers formatting on the Display Options tab. Your selections apply to all currencies, in all forms that you have access to in the current application. These choices override the settings for individual currencies set by your administrator.

If you select Currency Setting, the currency values in the form are displayed using the formatting initially set for individual currencies. If you select another option, your selection applies to all currencies, in all forms to which you have access in the current application.

You can control the display of:

  • The thousands separator (none, comma, dot, or space)

  • The decimal separator (dot or comma)

  • The display of negative numbers (a minus sign before or after the number, or the number surrounded by parentheses)

  • The displayed color for negative numbers (black or red)

  To change the formatting of displayed numbers:

  1. Select File, and then Preferences.

  2. Click the Planning icon, and then select Display Options.

  3. Under Number Formatting, select options, as summarized in this table:



    Thousands Separator

    None: 1000

    Comma: 1,000

    Dot: 1.000

    Space: 1 000

    You can enter values with or without a thousands separator.

    Decimal Separator

    Dot: 1000.00

    Comma: 1000,00

    You can enter values with or without a decimal separator.

    Negative Sign

    Prefixed Minus: -1000

    Suffixed Minus: 1000-

    Parentheses: (1000)

    Negative Color

    Black: Negative numbers are black

    Red: Negative numbers are red

  4. Click OK.


    Formatting selections take effect when you click outside the cell. If you select a setting other than Use Application Default for the thousands separator or the decimal separator, you must change both separators with the Use Application Default option. You cannot select the same option for the thousands and decimal separators. See also Entering Percentage Values.