Printing Data

You can print data in forms as PDF files (including supporting detail, comments, and account annotations) if Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later is installed on your computer. Your administrator can also set up reports with custom shading, page size, orientation, font, font size, headers, percentage of page used for headers, number of data columns per page, and precision.

See Printing Comments and Printing Planning Unit Annotations.

  To print data to a PDF file:

  1. With a form open, select File, and then Print.

  2. Optional: To reset the printing options to the settings that were assigned to the form when it was created, click Restore Form Settings.

  3. Optional: Set your preferences, as described in the following table.



    Format data

    Apply number format settings from the form.

    Apply precision

    Apply the form’s precision settings to the displayed data. If the form displays high precision numbers (numbers with many digits to the right of the decimal point), consider limiting precision in the PDF file.

    Include supporting detail

    Include supporting detail in extra rows. Select either:

    • Normal Order: Inserts the supporting detail in the same order in which it displays in the Supporting Detail page, after the member that it is associated with.

    • Reverse Order: Inserts the supporting detail before the member it is associated with, and the supporting detail entries are reversed. Supporting detail for children displays above their parents, and the order of siblings is preserved.

    Show account annotations

    If the form designer enables account annotations, show annotations that are assigned to the form.

    Show comments

    Show comments that are associated with cells.

    Show attribute members

    Show attribute members assigned to the form.

    Show currency codes

    Show currency codes if the form supports multiple currencies per entity.

  4. Optional: To save your settings for subsequent PDF files, select Remember my changes.

    Your settings override the default options assigned to all forms.

  5. Optional: To display the PDF onscreen, click Print Preview.

  6. Select File, and then Print.

  7. Set print options, and then click OK.