Viewing Planning Unit History Details and Using Annotations

Accessing planning unit details enables you to perform these tasks using the two tabs that are displayed:

  • View historic information pertaining to the planning units to which you have read access using the History tab. This tab provides information such as the last action performed on the planning unit, when the action was taken, the planning units approval status, and its current owner. You can also modify planning unit status on this tab.

  • Read and create annotations to view or provide additional information about planning units using the Annotations tab.

  To view planning unit details:

  1. Select Tools, and then Manage Approvals.

  2. From Scenario, select a scenario, and, from Version, select a version.

  3. Click Go.

  4. Click details in Details to display additional information about the planning unit's history.

  5. On History, select Change Status to change the status of the planning unit (for example, promote the planning unit). See Changing Planning Unit Status. You can also view the users or groups to which you can submit the planning unit for consideration by selecting Action and then Potential Promotional Path.

  6. Select Annotations to read or attach notes to the planning unit.