Launching Business Rules

  To launch business rules from the Tools menu:

  1. Select Tools, and then Business Rules.

  2. On the Business Rules page, select the plan types for which you want to display the associated business rules.

  3. From Rule Type, select whether to display rules, rulesets, calculation scripts, or all calculation types.

    To view the business rules in rulesets, expand the hierarchy. Business rules are displayed in this format:

    rule_name application_name plan_type

    where application_name plan_type indicate the application and the plan type to which the business rule is deployed and will be launched against.

  4. Optional: By default, only calculations to which you have access are displayed. To display all calculations associated with the selected plan type, clear Display only launchable rules, rulesets, and calc scripts.

  5. Click the Launch link for the business rule, ruleset, or calculation script that you want to launch.

    None indicates that you do not have access to a business rule.

    The launched calculation may include runtime prompts. See Entering Runtime Prompts.

See also About Launching Business Rules.