Reporting on Task List Status

To review the status of the planning process, use the Task List Report page to view task list reports as PDF files or Excel worksheets. The status report displays the task lists, task list owners, due dates, completion dates, and status of the task.

  To report on task list status:

  1. Select View, then Task List, and then Report.

  2. For Users and Groups, click the selection icon. Add the users whose status you want to view to Selected Users, and then click OK.

    The users displayed are those users who have access to the task lists.

  3. For Select Task Lists, click the selection icon. Add the tasks to view to Selected Task Lists, and then click OK.

  4. Click Go.

  5. Click View, and then select one:

    • By Status: Display a pie chart for task status, with an option to create a report.

    • By Type: Display a pie chart for task type, with an option to create a report.

    • By User: Display a bar chart for task users. No report option is available.

  6. Optional: Select options from the View menu to set up the report.

    For example, you can select which columns are visible in the report by selecting View, then Columns, and then Manage Columns. Then select columns to display, and click OK.

  7. Click the Create Report button, and then click PDF or Excel for the report format.

  8. In the dialog box, click Open.

  9. If you selected:

    • PDF—Use the Acrobat toolbar for view and save options.

    • Excel—Use Excel view and save options.